Aon is:

a company of structural, civil, electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineers, as well as architects and surveyors.

These professional profiles work along professionals figures such as construction, planning, program design supervision and control managers, building managers and specialists in safety on planning and execution.

Accountants, lawyers  and agents for Merger & Acquisition activities complete the AON team.


What do we offer

Project Management and Planning

We define, maintain and guarantee the standards for project management within the Customer’s organization. In practice, we have the role of centralized “custodian” of best practices, status and direction of projects:



Professional engineering services for networks’ implementation


Professional consultancy services aimed at value creation for network infrastructures

Renewable Energies

Professional services for the development and construction of photovoltaic systems

AON is an Engineering Services Company

which offers professional services to Telecommunications, Towering and Renewable Energy.