AON provides customers with operational support in the construction phase of the fiber optic network by verifying that the project complies with the project drawings, detecting any inconsistencies; checks that execution times are respected, monitoring project progress and verifying congruence with contractual targets by implementing the necessary initiatives to achieve the objectives.

Planning e program

The Planning and Program function that AON provides to customers is responsible for proposing, validating and verifying the planning of activities in charge of contracting companies. Our planning takes into account the budget and time targets of the project as well as the constraints imposed by Administrations or Bodies that can negatively impact on the achievement of the objectives.

Design supervision and control

AON deals with the verification of the correctness of the projects and their congruity in technical and economic terms with the established parameters. The purpose of the function is to support and control the designers in charge of the executive design, functional to the request for permits and the construction site of the works.


With the Permit Management function, AON aims to make the action of obtaining all authorizations and permits to build fiber optic networks, whether temporary or definitive, and / or relating to the use of public land efficient and effective, the use of existing pipes and infrastructures or access to private properties.

Construction management

The Construction Manager checks the compliance of the works carried out with respect to the executive project and in accordance with good practice.

Verifies the completeness of the documentation necessary for the regular start, execution and closure of the works, including the verification of the fulfilments, communications and deposits of what is necessary with the relevant Administrations (when is responsibility of the Construction Manager); checks the quality and compliance of the materials used in the works present on the construction site during the construction; supervises the works and verifies that the time schedule is respected.

Safety in planning and execution

Aon acts as a guarantee for the application of the general safety principles provided in the PSC for construction site activities, paying particular attention to coordination between the various companies and between companies and self-employed workers.