Hosting activities

In the professional services aimed at supporting new hospitality in the SRBs on behalf of the Tower Companies, AON accesses the site documents in the archive, performs the technical inspections with the new client requesting hospitality, verifies the static suitability of the infrastructure and, if necessary, draws up the static verification or the consolidation project, analyzes the executive feasibility of the intervention, coordinates the adaptation works, draws up the hospitality contract between its customer and the hosted customer, and, finally, draws up a final technical-administrative test report.

Feasibility studies

Based on a preliminary general idea of ​​the customer, AON provides feasibility analysis and systematic evaluation of the characteristics, costs and possible results of a project.

Architectural and executive design for telecommunication systems and renewable energy

AON follows, by adopting the current regulations, every aspect related to the characteristics of the system to be designed, from the type of surface available, to the technical characteristics of the system, to the assessment of environmental, landscape and constraint impact. Our professionals work in teams to develop the best design solutions with the aim of giving each investment the added value of the quality of the building and the durability of the work.

Obtainment of building permits

The complex urban planning regulations in force, concerning the obtaining of permits to build telecommunication and renewable energy production plants, requires a profound knowledge of the different bureaucratic procedures, to arrive at the release by the competent bodies, of the necessary qualification for the realization of the infrastructure.

Every single practice is monitored by our professionals, effectively guaranteeing constant updating for the duration of the bureaucratic process.

Construction Management

The AON professionals are able to verify and guarantee the full consistency and conformity of the works carried out with the project contents, to ensure the economic control of the expenditure and the respect of the execution times as well as to implement all the necessary interventions so that the final result is pursued under a quality and safety regime.

Construction managers

Our professionals can replace, if requested, the client exempting him almost completely from the burdens deriving from the consolidated act for the health and safety of workers.

Safety in planning and execution

The Safety Coordination activity includes the drafting, in the design phase, of Safety and Coordination Plans which provide for the workflow to prevent accidents during the execution, analyzing and assessing the risks of the particular activities performed on site. During the construction, the designated coordinator checks the correct application of the devices in favor of worker safety and verifies that the relevant regulatory provisions are applied.

Structural consolidations

AON designs structural consolidations and reinforcements with the use of latest generation technologies and data processing and with the help of software for finite element calculation. The improvement intervention consists in designing one or more works that affect the individual structural elements to obtain a greater degree of safety, without substantially modifying the overall behavior.

AIE Analisi di Impatto Elettromagnetico

AON deals with the analysis of the electromagnetic impact of the mobile radio base stations. It is composed of:

  • Measurement of the pre-existing electric field in a specific area surrounding the SRB with building survey.
  • Estimation of the spatial evolution of the electric field that the SRB will produce, through Tool software.

The union of the two aforementioned steps defines a complete situation relating to the impact that the SRB will have on neighboring buildings, all in function of compliance with the regulations governing the emission of electromagnetic fields for the purposes of human health. Finally, the analysis translates into the drafting of a specific electromagnetic impact analysis report (AIE) designed to declare the compliance of the SRB with current legislation and sent to the relevant bodies, or SUAP / Municipality and ARPA.

CTA Technical-administrative test

The Technical-Administrative Test represents a very important phase of the construction, as it certifies that the building, in terms of size, shape, quality, quantity and materials used, complies and is in line with the agreement stipulated between the contracting station and the contractor.


The AON Professional Team adopts BIM methodologies as architectural design techniques, calculation and modeling of steel and reinforced concrete structures.

“DAS” Distribuited Antennas System, opportunity development, design and construction supervision

AON has long been involved in the development and design of DAS networks on behalf of customers, Neutral Host Operators, who develop these systems to improve coverage and mobile network capacity in an indoor multi-band and multi-operator environment.