AON is a consolidated supplier of the major national mobile radio operators for design services and professional activities auxiliary to the implementation, management and consolidation of mobile networks Network
In fiber optic networks realization, we carry out professional activities in support of:
● design, construction and testing of BUL ultra broadband networks, through the use of ``FTTX`` Fiber To The X and ``FWA`` Fixed Wireless Access architecture
● in the professional technical support of Project Management for the construction of the fiber optic access network in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) architecture in the main Italian cities
AON is a consolidated supplier in the professional services oriented to ``cost management`` for the reduction of the rents paid to landline operators for the enjoyment of third party real estate properties, and in the professional services oriented to the release and compacting of spaces that are no longer used.


On behalf of the major national Tower Companies we carry out a multitude of professional services for passive infrastructures for mobile network, brodcasting, radio, and the microcell system and DAS (distributed antenna system) for the coverage of indoor and outdoor areas with a strong demand for connectivity, as well as the design and construction of new sites and the fiber optic connections of the transmission sites (Tower or DAS) to increase their capacity (backhauling).

Renewable energies

In response to a growing demand for electricity from renewable sources in Market Parity mode, Utilities and Institutional Investors ask us to develop projects for the construction of plants for the production of renewable energy from photovoltaic sources; projects that respond to a rigid economic-financial sustainability report to guarantee expected returns. To bring this result, we carry out on behalf of the customers: research, identification, negotiation of the conditions of purchase of the land, architectural design for building and executive permits, as well as the supervision of works and safety.